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What makes SeahorseOne AD Agency the right Partner for you

Facebook Advertising

Our ability to identify high-value customers while lowering costs makes SeahorseOne-AD-Agency the leading agency for advertising on Facebook.

Strengthen Relationships

Use Facebook to build relationships with your customers anytime and from any location. You can let people know about upcoming events, new products and services and more. You can even use Facebook Custom Audiences to deliver ads only to your current customers in order to show them a little bit of extra love

Instagram Advertising

Instagram gives direct response advertisers from all types of verticals a unique opportunity to tie creative visual storytelling directly to conversion goals.

Your Success is our Goal

With numerous methods and techniques also with our wide experience in Laser Targeting we can provide you more Leads, Sales, Traffic… So what are your Goals?


SeahorseOne AD Agency is a digital advertising agency that helps successful companies advertise on Facebook.
Challenge us, we Love to Reach YOUR Goals

The SeahorseOne AD Agency team brings a fun approach to managing Facebook ad campaigns while operating faster and more efficiently than our competitors. We accomplish this by utilizing the latest in technology, continually training and ensuring our focus is always on the goals for return on investment.

  • Lead Generation

    Growing YOUR LIST and your Fanpages Likes at lowest cost.

  • Facebook AD Campaigns

    Setting up with Lasertargeted Audience and Reporting

  • tracking, optimizing + Reporting

    With our knowledge of tracking, we can optimize campaigns and also deliver Reports to you

  • Retargeting + Scaling

    Building Audiences from your Website visitors and Lookalike Audiences to reach more possible customers + scale your campaign.


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